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Away with Sway is an explorer’s platform founded by Swaylah Faroqi for discerning travelers who have a passion for discovering exclusive journeys. Uniquely showcasing boutique and family-owned properties for adventurers seeking culture and off-the-beaten path experiences.
We offer extraordinary insight into the world’s most innovative, creative and thought-provoking properties with unparalleled travel.
Our mission is to uncover an experience curated exclusively for you in inspiring destinations.
Sway has exceptional taste and craft in creating unique trips. She helped me book a trip to Mexico City for my girlfriend's birthday. My life is very hectic and I don’t really have the time to be thorough when planning trips but she made everything seamless and easy for us. The unique property she booked for me was one-of-a-kind with a spectacular view. The icing on the cake was I received a better rate than other travel sites had to offer. On the actual night of my girlfriend's birthday there was a cake waiting for us in our room when we returned! She is so thoughtful, and went above and beyond to make sure my trip was special and memorable. AwayWithSway is the only way I will travel from here on out.
Daniel Eliasi, New York
There are a lot of travel sites dedicated to advertising luxury or trendy destinations. AwayWithSway captures that missing element in today’s new era of traveling. For the creative travelers, looking for inspiring unique destinations - make your way to AwayWithSway and discover provoking properties around the globe.
Dean Regis - London
I highly recommend booking services with Swaylah! My friends and I needed help planning a trip to Tulum, Mexico and without hesitation she was eager to assist us. Swaylah is very knowledgeable about destinations, not only from research but also from her own personal experiences. You for sure want a travel agent who will consult you based on the places they have been themselves, and having her first hand knowledge about which locations to visit, what areas to stay in, and what areas to avoid helped us a ton. Swaylah truly made this experience unforgettable, and I cannot wait to book her services for my next getaway!
Angel White - D.C
Swaylah creates the most beautiful voyages and tailor-made itineraries. For those who like to extensively explore vacations prior to take off, make sure you bookmark AwayWithSway.
Mattan Dahan - Los Angeles
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